Thursday, February 23, 2012

A darling treasure

Photo of me wearing a sweet necklace made for me, in honor and memory of Esther. Thank you Sabrina you are such a beautiful person in my life!

Molly Bears in the news

Tell Molly good job with helping her Mama with being on the news, she did a lovely job and sweet Molly and Little Reese were on the news as well. You amazing little babies brought some beautiful people together. You are all so important and loved. Here is the video link way to go!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


This year you will be turning 5. I know the things I should be doing with you now, talking about making pretty tutu's and baking in the kitchen and making you little dollies, going to ballet and play dates with friends, and we can't do those things. At some point I would love to stop playing that game. The game where I am looking at you as things "should have" been and not just look at them as they are.

You my dear are the single most beautiful thing in my life, why should I want to change that or you. You have done more for me and through me than anyone else, I do have a strange peace about how things are, and for that peace I feel guilty.

Things we have done

1. Bring awareness to stillbirth, by simply speaking.
2. Brought 2 healthy alive rainbows into this world.
3. Been a loving support to MANY mommies.
4. remember other babies
5. Fill arms with weighted teddy bears (500 or so)

I am proud to have you as mine, and right now, today, I wouldn't change a thing about you.

Love you baby girl