Monday, September 5, 2011

Her Earthly Nursery

She has a white wooden has a lid.
Her lamp, there is none, it's dark and cold.
Surrounded by cement, it's 6 feet under.
Covered by dirt, that's filthy.
Decorated with roses, that die.
Planted a tree it died.
A photo of her, it's weathered.
Nothing about this Nursery is right, it's all wrong.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New design is in the works!

I checked my email this morning and was so excited to see that Franchesca from small bird studios, had sent me an email that she is ready to start working on Esther's space. I buried my self in grief this last week by making bears (Molly Bears) I made 29 and they shipped out today. I am really hoping that through my own personal grief that others can be blessed. I didn't have a bad week, there were no tears, I just missed my girl very much. I was at Disneyland on a date with Mylove, and a little girl was in front of us in line for, The Jungle Cruise. I just knew if I had asked when her birthday was and how old she is it would be the same age and dates as Esther, I didn't ask but I cannot look at little girls and not wonder who she is today. Is she a baby in heaven, is she growing just like she would be here on Earth? It is hard to hear a little sister call their big sister "Baby".